What Shall We Do? - Acts 2:14-39


Acts 2:14-39


I.  Men of Judea and all Who Dwell in Jerusalem (vs. 14-21)

a. What dramatic change takes place in the Apostles who are now filled with the Holy Spirit? ________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

b. How does Peter explain what is taking place? __________________ _________________________________________________________

c. Peter quotes Joel 2:28-32.  Was all of this passage fulfilled on that day? _____________________________________________________


d. On whom was the Spirit prophesied to be poured out?  ___________  _________________________________________________________


II. Men of Israel (vs. 22-28)

a. Full of the Holy Spirit Peter preaches Christ!  Who does Peter state attested Jesus and how? ______________________________________

b. How does Peter describe the events surrounding Jesus crucifixion?  __________________________________________________________

c. Does Peter describe the people as innocent in Jesus crucifixion? __________ _______________________________________________________________

d. Peter also sees David’s words as prophetic from Psalm 16:8-11.  Who does Peter see them as describing? _______________________________________ _______________________________________________________________


III. Men and Brethren (vs. 29-39)

a.       How does Peter help his audience to see David was not the subject

          described in Psalm 16:8-11? __________________________________


          b. What promise did God make to David? _______________________


          c. How would David understand that this heir would be not just a man?


          d. Peter presents the Gospel to Jerusalem…Jesus manifestation,                              

          ministry, death, resurrection, and glorification.  How does Peter in   

          verse 33 explain Luke 24:49? _________________________________


          e. How pointed was Peter in stating who was responsible for crucifying

          Christ and what was the effect? ________________________________


          f. How does Peter answer the question, “what must we do?”_________



IV. Application:  Who is included in the promise in vs. 39? ______________ 


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