Two Baskets of Figs ~ Jeremiah 24:1-10


I.Good Figs / Bad Figs (vs. 1-3)

 a. What does the Lord show Jeremiah?

 b. What is the significance that the figs were “set before the temple of the Lord?”

            c. In the historical setting what was already happening regarding the Babylonian invasion etc? 

            d. This verse specifically mentions Jeconiah (Coniah… Jer. 22:24-30)

               as having already being carried off to Babylon.  What do we know

               about him?

            e. What was notable about the two baskets of figs?

II.Making a Distinction (vs. 4-10)

a. Does the Lord leave the interpretation of the baskets of figs to Jeremiah or does He tell him?

b. What was the symbolic meaning of the good figs?

c. What tremendous promise does God give to those who will go into captivity?

d. How is it that this exile could be for the good of God’s people?

            e. Who do the bad fig represent?

f. Zedekiah, the ‘residue’ of Jerusalem, and those who flee to Egypt would suffer what?

g. Has God been true to His word regarding the Jews who have been scattered across the world?

h. Ultimately, when will God bring back all His people and fulfill vs. 6-7?

IIII. Application:  Does God give an opportunity to repent? ­­­­­­­

Who is totally responsible for the judgment that God pours out?


  August 2020  
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