Thurs. 3-2-17 ** The Birth of Jesus - Luke 2:1-20

The Birth of Jesus

Luke 2:1-20


I.                Born in Bethlehem (vs. 1-7)

     a. How do verses 1-4 point to God intervening in the affairs of men to       

     ensure His Word is Carried out? (see Micah 5:2) _____________________


     b. Had the census not been required where would Jesus have been born?


     c. Why did Joseph and Mary need to go specifically to Bethlehem?  _______


     d. Mary as Joseph’s “betrothed” wife is significant for what reason? ______

     _________________________________________________ (see Isa. 7:14)

     e. Because of the decree Joseph and Mary traveled very close to the

     delivery date…how do we know? _________________________________


     f. Where did Mary have Jesus? ____________________________________


*swaddling cloths were strips of cloth that were wrapped around an infant at birth.                                                                                         This snug wrapping is known to comfort newborns even in some cultures today.


II.              Angels and Shepherds (vs. 8-20)

     a. Is there anything unique about shepherds remaining in the fields with their

     flocks? _______________________________________________________

     b. Where was the angel that appeared to the shepherds?  ________________


     c. What was the “glory of the Lord” that shone around the angel and

     shepherds? ____________________________________________________

     d. What was the response of the shepherds to the angel’s presence and is

     this consistent with other such meetings? ____________________________

     ________________________________________________ (Lk 1: 11-12, 30)

     e. What words of comfort does the angel deliver first?  _________________


     f. Why is the angel there? _________________________________________

     g. How does the angel tell the shepherds to confirm the message? _________


     h. How did the other angels get there? _______________________________

     i. What did the shepherds do? ______________________________________

     j. When the shepherds found all as described by the angels what did they

     do? ___________________________________________________________

     k. What did Mary do with all the things she was hearing? ________________


III.  Application:  Was it important that God fulfill every prophecy about the Christ? ___________________________________________________________

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