This Is Wickedness (Zechariah 5:1-11)


Zechariah 5:1-11

I. VISION SIX (vs. 1-4)

     a. What was Zechariah’s sixth vision? _____________________________________________________________

     b. The scroll was about 15 X 30 feet. What was the scroll? ____________________________________________

     c. What would the scroll accomplish in the land? ____________________________________________________

     d. Where was the scroll going to go and how far reaching would be its purpose? __________________________


     e. Has there been a systematic purging of sin from the earth in our history? ______________ When do you think

     this will this take place? ________________________________________________________________________

II. VISION SEVEN (vs. 5-11)

     a. What was Zechariah’s seventh vision? ___________________________________________________________

     b. How do we know the creatures were not “angels”? ________________________________________________

     c. In Leviticus 13:13, 19 the stork was listed as an unclean bird. Would Zechariah use this to describe Godly

     creatures? ___________________________________________________________________________________

     d. “This is their resemblance throughout the whole earth” is a reference to idols and idolatry. What happened

     when the woman (idolatry) tried to escape the basket? _______________________________________________

     e. The unclean creatures carried the embodiment of idolatry away. It is understood that these creatures were

     servants of the woman. Where were they carrying the embodiment of wickedness? _________________________

     f. Shinar is a reference to Babylon. What is symbolized by Babylon?______________________________________

     ______________________________________________________________________(Gen 10:10, Rev. 14:8, 18:2)

     g. How do the previous passages in Revelation help us see a likely timeline for these prophetic visions? _________


III. APPLICATION: Is it right to envision evil as an embodied intelligent being or is it suppose to be just a difference

in philosophic preference? __________________________________________________________________________


  October 2020