The Sabbath ~ Luke 6:1-11 * 5/18/2017

The Sabbath
Luke 6:1-11

I.    The Grains of Wheat   (vs. 1-5)
a. Verse 1 is properly rendered on a Sabbath…Where do we find Jesus

and His disciples and what were they doing? _______________________ ___________________________________________________________________
b. Why were they eating? ___________________________________________
c. Who had a problem with what the disciples did and why? _________  ___________________________________________________________________
d. How does Jesus answer the accusation of the Pharisees? __________ ____________________________________________________________________
e. How do Romans 14:22-23 help explain how David was able to do what

he did with the showbread? _________________________________________
f. What point was Jesus making with His statement, “The Son of Man

is also Lord of the Sabbath?”  _____________________________________

II.    The Withered Hand (vs. 6-11)
a. What day of the week does this next event take place and why is

this significant? ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
b. With what physical malady was the man at the synagogue afflicted? ___________________________________________________________________
c. Who present was also aware that this man was there with this problem? _____________________________________________________________________
d. Does it seem this was set up on purpose and do you think the

Pharisees already knew what Jesus would do? __________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

e. Why does Jesus make the man stand front and center? ________________ _________________________________________________________
f. Was Jesus just poking the Pharisees or was He genuinely trying to

show them the heart of God? ____________ How do you know? ____________
g. Did the Pharisees pre-judgment about healing on the Sabbath prevent

Jesus from healing on the Sabbath? ___________________________________
h. Was the outcome positive or negative to Jesus healing the man with

the withered hand? ____________________________________________________

III.    Application:  What errors do men believe when it comes to

underestimating what the Lord is over? ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

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