The King Is Coming (Zechariah 9: 1-17)


Zechariah 9:1-17

I. THE LORD AGAINST… (vs. 1-8)

     a. Was it good that all these Gentile nations are included in this “burden” (oracle/prophecy)? ______________


     b. What good would their wealth or wisdom do in their day of judgment? ______________________________


     c. Those who settle in Ashdod and Ekron what will the Lord do with them? (1 Kings 9:20-21) ______________


     d. Based on verse 8, when will these things come to pass? ____________________________________________

II. REJOICE (vs. 9-10)

     a. Who is this passage referring to? ____________________________________________________________

     b. Has this passage been fully accomplished? ____________________________________________________

     c. When will this passage ultimately be fulfilled? ____________________________________________________

III. GOD WILL SAVE (vs. 11-17)

     a. After their release from the Babylonian captivity (the waterless pit) Greece would arise to oppress Israel. The

     Maccabees successfully revolted and won Judah’s independence in about 175 BC. How should this passage

     accurately predicting this strengthen Judah’s faith? _________________________________________________

     b. Although partially fulfilled in the days of the Maccabees when will this passage be ultimately fulfilled? ______


     c. What was symbolized by lifting your banner over a land in ancient times (as well as modern times)? _______


     d. How would the presence of God’s people represent His banner on His land? ___________________________


IV. APPLICATION: What takes place between verses 9 and 10 in Zechariah? _____________________________


Is it important to us? ____________________________________________________________________________

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