The Division of the Land (Part 8) (Joshua 19:32-51)

The Division of the Land (Part 8)

Joshua 19:32-51

I. Naphtali’s Inheritance (vs. 32-39)

     a. What was Jacob’s blessing on Naphtali (Genesis 49:21)? ______________________________________________________________

     b. What does it seem the descendants of Naphtali would be good at? _____________________________________________________

     c. Where does Naphtali’s inheritance fall among the tribes of Israel? _______________________________________________________


II. Dan’s Inheritance (vs. 40-48)

     a. How did Jacob bless Dan in Genesis 49:16-18? ______________________________________________________________________

     b. What Does it seem Dan’s descendants would be doing? _______________________________________________________________  

     c. Was there anything troubling about Jacob’s “blessing?” _______________________________________________________________

     d. Where does Dan receive his inheritance among the tribes of Israel? __________________________________________

III. Joshua’s Inheritance (vs. 49-51)

     a. When does Joshua himself receive his inheritance? __________________________________________________________________

     b. Where is Joshua’s inheritance among the tribes of Israel? _____________________________________________________________

     c. Most all the individuals and tribes received their inheritance by lot…how does Joshua receive his inheritance? ___________________


IV. Application: By what we have learned thus far in our study through the book of Joshua…As the God-appointed leader of Israel could

Joshua have just claimed what he wanted as an inheritance? _________________________Does it seem in line with the character of Joshua

to wait for every tribe to first receive their inheritance then for him to receive his? _______________________________________________

Was it appropriate for him at this point to ask for what he wanted? ________ How was his request received? _________________________


Who else received the inheritance they specifically requested? ____________14:6-13) Does God Reward obedience? ___________________

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