Shadows of Things to Come (Zechariah 6: 1-15)


Zechariah 6:1-15

I. VISION EIGHT (vs. 1-8)

     a. What was Zechariah’s eighth vision? ____________________________________________________________

     b. Do the colors of the horses represent anything? ___________________________________________________

     c. Where do the chariots / horses go? _____________________________________________________________

     d. Are the four chariots God’s agents or Satan’s? ____________________________________________________

     e. This final vision also speaks of events yet to be seen. How does Matthew 24:6-8 help us recognize the time?


II. A CROWN FOR JOSHUA… (vs. 9-15)

     a. What was Joshua’s position? ___________________________________________________________________

     b. Where were the materials coming from to fashion the crown? ________________________________________

     c. Why was it important that the crown was for Joshua and not Zerubbabel? ______________________________

     __________________________________________________________________________________ (Neh. 6:6-7)

     d. The prophesy in verses 12-13…is it referring to Joshua or Someone else? _______________________________

     __________________________________________________________________________________ (Zech 3:8-9)

     e. Why was the crown given to Joshua? ______________________________________________________________

     f. Was there a requirement upon the Jews for the things spoken to come to pass? __________________________


     g. Was the diligent obedience required for the temple to be rebuilt or that they would know that God sent the Angel

     of the Lord (vs. 15)? ________________________________________________________________________________

III. APPLICATION: What can we take from this passage to help us not try to ‘go it alone’ when help comes along after

we have already begun something? _____________________________________________________________________

What is it in us that may need to be resolved in order to let others help? ______________________________________


  October 2020