Secure in Christ ~ Romans 8:31-39

Romans 8:31-39

I.  Who can be Against Us? (vs. 31-34)

a. Verse 31 is in the Greek first class conditional clause which renders

the verse “If God is for us [and He is] who can be against us.  With

this in mind what is the emphasis of this verse? _____________________ ________________________________________________________ 
b. How far was God the Father willing to go to see you saved? ______ _________________________________________________________
c. Who does bring charges against God’s elect? __________________ 
d. Who is he who condemns? _________________________________
e. Even though there are those who will accuse / condemn does the

believer have anything to fear? _______ Why? ___________________
II. What Shall Separate Us…? (vs. 35-36)

a. What is the answer to Paul’s question in verse 35? ______________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. Are the challenges he lists real to the lives of believers? __________ __________________________________________________________ 
c. Those living in obedience to the Lord…will they ever be persecuted or

maybe even killed as they seek to serve the Lord? __________________


III. More than Conquerors (vs. 37-39)

    a. What is the point to all of Paul’s questions in these closing verses? ___
    b. How does Paul describe believers in verse 37? ___________________
    c. Paul ends with a wonderful faith statement in vs. 38-39.  Did Paul leave

    any loopholes in God’s love that a believer can fall through? ___________

IV. Application:  How is it we can be more than conquerors in a world that

hates us because it hates God and is actively trying to silence the messengers

to silence the message? ____________________________________________



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