Saul (Paul) Preaches Christ! - Acts 9:20-30

Saul (Paul) Preaches Christ!

Acts 9:20-30


I.                Immediately (vs. 20-25)

a. After his conversion how long did it take for Saul to preach Christ? __ ___________________________________________________________

b. Where does Saul start preaching Christ? ________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 

c. What was the theme of his message? ___________________________


d. Why were the people amazed by Saul’s message? ________________


e. Was Saul convincing in his preaching that Jesus is the Christ? ______ __________________________________________________________

f. Why is it important to note the phrase “proving that Jesus is the Christ” not that Jesus was the Christ? __________________________________


g. When the Jews could not “kill” the message preached by Saul what did they plot to do? __________________________________________

h. How did Saul escape the plot of the Jews? ______________________



II.              Saul Back in Jerusalem (vs. 26-30)

a. When Saul returned to Jerusalem what did he try to do? ____________ ___________________________________________________________

b. Why were the disciples reluctant to welcome Saul? ________________


c. What role did Barnabas play in connecting Saul and the believers in Jerusalem? _________________________________________________


d. What evidence does Barnabas offer that made the difference? _______ __________________________________________________________

e. Was Saul more cautious about his preaching in Jerusalem? _________


f. Was Saul’s reception better in Jerusalem among the Jews than it was in Damascus? _________________________________________________

g. Why would the brethren bring Saul to Caesarea then send him to Tarsus? ____________________________________________________

________________________________________________ (Acts 21:39)


III.      Application:   Barnabas whose name means “son of encouragement” encouraged Saul when no one else believed he was a believer.  Saul (Paul) goes on to be used by God tremendously for the Gospel.  How can we purposefully encourage others and is this still a need in the church today? _________________



  October 2020