Return, You Backsliding Children ~ Jeremiah 3:1-25

I.  Polluted (vs. 1-5)

a. How does God communicate His people’s spiritual infidelity?

b. What is the answer to His question, “Would not that land be greatly polluted?”  How does this relate to Deut. 24:4?

c. In spite of the spiritual adultery what does the Lord ask His people to do?

d. How perverse were the actions of His people in chasing after wickedness?

e. Although God withheld the latter rains, what would Judah not do?

II.  Backsliding Israel, Treacherous Judah (vs. 6-18)

a. In an iterating couplet we see Israel’s actions and God response lived out before Judah…did Judah understand and learn the lesson?

b. Why the names “backsliding Israel” and “Treacherous Judah?” 

c. Was Judah’s return to the Lord genuine? (vs. 10)

d. Would God receive back any who repented? (vs. 14-16)

e. What time is described in verses 16-18?

III. Return  (vs. 19-25)

a. Who is the “I” and “Me” speaking in verses 19-20?

b. Verse 21-22 repeats the appeal to repent.  How would God’s people eventually respond?

c. What does Judah / Israel acknowledge in verses 23-25?

IV. Application:  Is it possible for God’s people to “backslide” even today?  What is the lesson to everyone who will listen concerning God’s desire to forgive and heal all who will repent?

  August 2020  
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