Return to Solomon's Porch ~ Acts 5:12-42


Acts 5:12-42


I.               The Holy Spirit at Work in the Early Church (vs. 12-16)

a. What are some of the indications that the Holy Spirit was at work in   and through the early church?   _______________________________


b. Where was Peter meeting for a preaching / teaching point in    Jerusalem? ________________________________________________

c. Why do you think they were meeting there? ____________________


d. What may have been one inhibiting factor as to why some were not joining them? _________________________________________________________

e. How was the Lord’s promise to the disciples in Mark 16:17-18 made real in this passage? _________________________________________


II.              Arrest and Release (vs. 17-33)

a. What did the apostles get for their faithfulness to preach and teach and heal in Jesus name? _________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

b. What was the Sadducees motivation for arresting the apostles? _____


c. How were the apostles released and for what purpose? ____________



d. Where did the Sadducees suspect the apostles were and does it seem they     were surprised to find them in the temple teaching the people? ______________ ________________________________________________________________

e. Was Peter any less direct or less bold now that they have been detained a     third time? _______________________________________________________

f. What was the desire of the council? __________________________________


III.            Gamaliel (vs. 34-42)

a. What wisdom did Gamaliel (a Pharisee who had taught Saul (Paul)) speak to the Sanhedrin concerning the apostles? ___________________


b.  How did his summary statement in verse 39 prove prophetic? ______


c.  After the council agreed with Gamaliel how did they affirm the ministry of the apostles? ______________________________________


d.  Were the apostles in any way deterred? ________________________


III. Application:  The apostles rejoiced that they had been counted worthy to suffer for Christ.  Should it be the same for us? _________________________


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