Repent.....But You Would Not ~ Jeremiah 25:1-14


I.Jeremiah’s 23 Years of Warning (vs. 1-3)

a. How precisely do we know when this prophecy came to Jeremiah?

b. Were there any in Jerusalem who could say I didn’t know God wanted us to repent?

           c. How long had Jeremiah been on the job as God’s messenger to Judah?

           d. In all his years as prophet had the message of God changed at all?

           e. How effective would you say Jeremiah’s ministry had been?

           f. How do you think God would view the ministry of Jeremiah…a

               success or a failure and why?

II. Many Prophets That Came Before (vs. 4-14)

a. Was Jeremiah’s ministry unique or was he simply the most recent prophet to warn Judah?

b. Who were some of the prophets who warned Judah before Jeremiah?

c. Do you think the message of the prophets before was different from what Jeremiah was proclaiming?

d. Why had the message not changed?

            e. Who does God call Nebuchadnezzar in verse 9?

f. Although God will use the Chaldeans to punish Judah will they be excused for their aggression against God’s people?

III.Application:  Why did God send all those prophets to Israel and Judah to appeal to them, plead with them, warn them, and  promise them that if they did not repent He would discipline them?      

How has God even to our day been faithful to send out the same message not only to the Jews but literally to the ends of the earth to all people?

What is at stake for those who will not listen?

  August 2020  
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