Peter Contends For God's Grace - Return to Jerusalem (vs. 1-3)


Acts 11:1-18


I.                Return to Jerusalem (vs. 1-3)


a. From where and what is Peter returning to Jerusalem? _____________


b. What news was upsetting the Jewish believers in Jerusalem? ________


c.  Did Peter receive a warm welcome home? ______________________



II.              Peter’s Defense (vs. 4-18)


a. Where does Peter begin his story in verse 4? _____________________ ___________________________________________________________

b. Does Peter leave out any details that could be perceived as hard to believe? ___________________________________________________

c. How does Peter explain the visions connection to Cornelius’ men arriving in Joppa? ___________________________________________


d. Under Whose authority does Peter accompany the Gentile men? ___________  _________________________________________________________________

e. Is it significant that Peter took with him six of the brethren (and that they were with him there now in Jerusalem) …why? _______________________________


f. Even in the retelling does it seem Peter was prepared for what happened when he shared the Gospel with Cornelius and his family? ______________________


g. To what does Peter liken the experience of the Gentiles receiving the Holy Spirit? ___________________________________________________________

h. Why do you think Peter remembers the Scripture quoted by John the Baptist in Matthew 3:11? ____________________________________________________


i.  What is Peter’s ultimate defense against those who contended with him for going into Gentiles, witnessing to them, and baptizing them? ________________


j. What was the outcome of Peter sharing this testimony to the ‘Acts of the Holy Spirit?’ ___________________________________________________________



III. Application:  Peter was obedient (even though he took some convincing) to preach the Gospel to Cornelius and his family.  The result was that they were all saved ad filled with the Holy Spirit.  How can we be certain that the Holy Spirit was the one working salvation in these Gentiles? _________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  October 2020