Persecution Scatters the Church ~ Acts 8:1-25

Persecution Scatters the Church
Acts 8:1-25

I.    Persecution (vs. 1-4)
a. Saul who watched the clothes of those who stoned Stephen (Acts 7:58) was consenting to Stephen’s

death.  How does this fit with the persecution that was coming against the church? _________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 
b. Who was and who was not scattered from Jerusalem? _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________  
c. Stephen is recognized as the first martyr of the church.  Who took care of his body? _______________ _____________________________________________________________________________________
d. What did Stephen’s death embolden Saul to do to the church? ________________________________ 
e. What positive came from the church being scattered and how does this action fulfill Acts 1:8? ________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

II.    Philip Goes to Samaria (vs. 5-13)
a. What would be significant about Philip intentionally going to Samaria and preaching the Gospel? (John 4:1-9) __________________________ __________________________________________________________ 
b. Did the Samaritans respond favorably to the Gospel? _________________________________________
c. What helped the Samaritans believe the message they were hearing? ______________________________
d. What was Simon’s reputation in Samaria and what ‘power’ did he have over the people? ________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
e. When the people heard the Gospel they believed and were baptized…what about Simon? ________________ 

III.    The Apostles Come to Samaria (vs. 14-25)
a. Why would the church in Jerusalem send Peter and John to Samaria? ________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 
b. Did these believers speak in tongues when they received the Holy Spirit? _____________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________  
c. What evidence points to Simon not being saved? ________________________________________________
d. Can a person believe the Gospel and be baptized and not be saved? __________________________________

  Application:   How can you know for certain when you are saved? ___________________________________ 
______________________________________________________________________(2 Cor 13:5, 1 Jn 5:12-13)


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