Paul's Second Missionary Journey - Acts 16:1-15 * Sun. 7-9-17

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

Acts 16: 1-15

I.                Return to Derbe and Lystra (vs. 1-5)

a. What previous event at Lystra could have (but didn’t) put a damper on Paul’s enthusiasm to return there? (see Acts 14:8, 19-20) _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________                     b. Who is introduced in verse 1 who will play prominently in Paul’s life?


c.  What do we know of Timothy? _________________________________________________________


d.  In what way can we reconcile Paul circumcising Timothy before taking him along on the mission and the doctrines espoused by the Judaizers (that circumcision was needed for salvation)? _______________________________


e. What message does verse 4 indicate was a main topic of Paul’s preaching / teaching? __________________________________________________________________________________

f.  What effect does the sharing of the letter have on the churches? __________________________________



II.              The Holy Spirit Says NO! (vs. 6-10)

a. Having passed through Phrygia and the region of Galatia (modern day Turkey) Paul wanted to turn East into Asia…what happens? ______________________________________________________________________


b. Having then travelled west to Mysia, Paul again attempted to turn East toward Asia…what happens again? _________________________________________________________________________________


c. Do you think being prevented from going east by the Holy Spirit twice Paul and company would have seriously been seeking God’s direction?


d. How does Paul get his answer from the Lord? _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

e. How long does Paul ponder this vision before acting on it? ______________________________________



III.            Welcome to Philippi (vs. 11-15)

a. Arriving in Philippi of Macedonia what is recorded of that city? __________________________________


b. What was missing in Philippi that the people gathered by the river to pray on the Sabbath? _______________________________________________________________________________

c. Who is prominently listed as being gathered for prayer? ______________________________________

d.  What happens with Lydia and how does she I turn help Paul and Silas? _____ ______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

IV. Application:  How do we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit? ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

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