Paul The Roman - Acts 22:22-23:10 * Sun. 10-14-17


Acts 22:22-23:10


    I.    I was Born a Citizen (vs. 22-29)

a. How did the commander presume to determine what Paul had done to provoke the crowd? ___________________________________________________________________________


b. How does Paul stay the hands of the Romans? __________________________________________    

c. Does it matter to the commander that Paul is a Roman? _________________________________  


d. What was the general attitude of the Romans toward Paul when they knew he was also a Roman citizen? _____________________________________________________________________________

__________ ___________________________________________________________________

    II.              Paul Before the Council (22:30-23:5)

a.  Who convened the council and for what purpose? ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

b. Who spoke first? ________________________________________________________________

c. What was the response from Paul’s opening statement? _____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

d. Who seemed to know and abide by the law more Paul or the high priest?


e. How does Paul’s address to Ananias change when he heard he was the high priest? _____________________________________________________________________________

III.            Sadducees and Pharisees (vs. 6-10)

a.  Do you believe Paul thinks he can get a fair hearing before this council? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

b. What does Paul perceive about the make-up of the council and how does he use it to his advantage? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

c. How well does Paul’s strategy work? __________________________________________________


d. Yet again who steps in and saves Paul from being pulled to pieces? _____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


IV. Application:  Paul being a citizen of two worlds (Roman and God’s kingdom) plays his Roman citizenship card when it is advantageous to him.  Is Paul being devious or just wise?  ________________________  Do we enjoy the privileges afforded us by our dual “citizenship?”


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