Paul Sent to Felix ~ Acts 23:11-35 10-29-2017

           PAUL SENT TO FELIX 
Acts 23:11-35

I.    The Conspiracy (vs. 11-15)
a.    How do we know that all that has happened to Paul thus far has all

been according to God’s will? ______________________________________ 
b. Meanwhile, what are some Jews plotting against Paul? _____________    __________________________________________________________
c.  How desperate are these Jews that they would attempt to kill Paul even

while he is held in Roman custody? ______________________________  ___________________________________________________________ 
d. Who is complicit in the scheme to kill Paul? _____________________
__________ _________________________________________________

II.    The Decision to Move Paul (vs. 16-23)
a.  How does the plot against Paul come to light? ___________________ __________________________________________________________
b.    What does Paul’s nephew do with what he hears? ________________ __________________________________________________________
c.    What impression do you get about this Roman commander as he listens

to Paul’s nephew? __________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d.    Does the commander really listen and believe the boy?  ________ How

do you know? _______________________________________________ 

III.    To Caesarea (vs. 23-35)
a.  The roman commander now has an un-condemned roman in (protective)

custody. How serious was he that Paul be protected? ______ __________________________________________________________
b. When does this contingent leave Jerusalem? ____________________ 
c. Is the commander merely ‘passing the buck’ with Paul or protecting his

life? _______________________________________________________
d.    Does the commander see any reason that Paul is in chains or deserving

of death? ___________________________________________________
e.    Felix the governor agrees to hear Paul’s case.  When will he hear it? __

IV. Application:  In this passage we have a couple examples of people

choosing to do the right thing.  Paul’s nephew had to bring the plot to light

at the risk of being found out but does it anyway.  The commander having

received that information acts on it in good faith and does the right thing to

move Paul risking upsetting the leaders in Jerusalem.  When we choose to

do right does it come with risk? _______________________________

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