Paul Pushes Back - Acts 16:35-40 * Sun. 7-23-17

             Paul Pushes Back

Acts 16: 35-40

I.                The Offer of Release (vs. 35-37)


a. Why do you think the magistrates sent others to have Paul and Silas released? _________ __________________________________________

b. Why would the prison keeper have just been joyful that the order for their release had come? ________________________________________   ____________________________________________________________

c.  Most of the other times Paul has been presented an open door he has immediately taken it sometimes even fleeing for his life and other times after receiving some physical abuse.  Why does he not just leave quietly?



II.              A Bone of Contention (vs. 37)


a.  Paul considered himself a citizen of two worlds…first the kingdom of God and when it served him…a Roman citizen.  Which card does he play in verse 37? ________________________________________________


b.      Did what was done to Paul and Silas violate Roman law? __________


c. Do you think Paul pushed this issue for his own sake or may there have been a bigger outcome he was hoping to achieve (consider the letter to the Philippians)? ________________________________________________

d. Paul would leave… but what was his demand? ___________________ __________________________________________________________


III.            The Fearful Magistrates  (vs. 38-40)


a. Why were the magistrates fearful? _____________________________  ___________________________________________________________

b. How did the attitude of the magistrates change from the previous day? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

c. Although the magistrates pleaded with Paul and Silas to leave their city did they oblige and leave immediately? ____________________________

d.  What was the final act of Paul and Silas before departing and how might the previous 24 hours have been an opportunity to encourage, strengthen, and protect these new believers? _______________________ _______________________________ ___________________________ 


IV. Application:  Are there times Christians MUST stand up for what is right and defend our rights and freedoms? Why or why not? ______________________ ______________________________________________________________________

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