Paul Goes to Rome ~ Acts 28:11-31 (12-17-2017)

Acts 28:11-31            

I.    Sailing from Malta (vs. 11-16)

a.    How long do Paul and company spend on Malta? __________________ ____________________________________________________________
b. What clues may help us know why they stayed so long? (Acts 27:9-12) ____________________________________________________________    
c.  By what means, and route do they travel? ________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 
d. In most of the port cities visited what does Paul find? ______________ ____________________________________________________________
e. How closely controlled does Paul (the prisoner) seem to be? _________
f. While it is impossible to know exactly how many days passed until they

arrive in Rome…does it seem like a long or fairly short journey? _______
g. What impact did seeing the brethren that came to see him have on Paul?
h. How does vs. 16 and Paul’s letter (Romans 1:9-11) reveal God’s will fulfilled? ___________________________________________________

II.    In Rome (vs. 16)

a.  Was there anything unique about how Paul was handled in Rome? __________________________________________________________
b.    How was Paul accommodated? ______________________________ 
c.    Was there a ministry advantage for Paul to have his own place and be

able to receive visitors? ______________________________________

III.    Paul Meets with the Leaders of the Jews (vs. 17-31)

a.     Who does Paul contact first in Rome? _________________________
b.    Paul explains to the Jewish leaders in summary about who he is and

why he is there.  What had they heard about Paul? _______________________ 
c.     When Paul had opportunity to speak the Gospel to the Jews how did they

respond? ________________________________________________________
d. Paul quotes Isaiah 6:9-10 and then declares salvation has been sent to the

Gentiles and that they would hear it!  Did this message upset the Jews? __________________________________________________________
e. How long is Paul kept a prisoner in Rome? ______________________


IV. Application:  Why is Paul persistent in trying to share the Gospel with

the Jews? ________________________________Are there people we also

need to witness as persistent?  _______________________________________


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