Paul Before Festus ~ Acts 25:1-27 (11-12-2017)


Acts 25:1-27

I.    Paul Appeals to Caesar (vs. 1-12)
a.    How long does it take Festus to make his way to Jerusalem after he

comes to power?  ____________________________________________ 
b. Paul has now been imprisoned in Caesarea for two years…have the elders

and chief priests forgotten about him? ______________________    
c.  What is their petition to Festus all about? _______________________  ___________________________________________________________ 
d. While he stayed in Jerusalem for more than 10 days verse 6 states he remained

“among them” …who are the “them?”  ___________________
__________ _________________________________________________
e. When Festus returns to Caesarea how long does it take to call for Paul and

why the urgency now? _____________________________________
f. Did the Jews offer any proof of their accusations? _________________
g. What would have motivated Festus to seek to move the venue of Paul’s

judgment to Jerusalem? ________________________________________
h. Was Paul afraid of dying? ___________________________________
i. How does Paul derail the Jews (and Festus) plan to get Paul in Jerusalem? _________________________________________________
j. As a Roman citizen what appeal trumped all other questions? _______
k. Why MUST Paul go to Rome? _______________________________
________________________________________________ (Luke 23:11)

II.    Felix Presents Paul’s Case to King Agrippa (vs. 13-27)

a.  Is Festus quick to bring up Paul’s case to Agrippa? ______________ _________________________________________________________ 
b.     Why does he bring this case before Agrippa? ___________________ __________________________________________________________ 
c.     Did Festus believe Paul had done anything deserving of death? ______
d.     Does Festus seem surprised that Paul would not want to be tried in

Jerusalem? __________________________ Why was Paul adamant that he

not be tried in Jerusalem? ___________________________________
e.    Who is present when Agrippa hears Paul’s case? __________________
f.     What does Festus hope to get out of this meeting? _________________

III. Application:  What do you think Paul does with his time and how

can you support what you think? ____________________________________

______________________ What should we take away from this? _________


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