Paul Before Agrippa ~ Acts 26:1-23 (11-19-2017)


              His Testimony

Acts 26:1-23                  

I.    Pre-Conversion (vs. 1-11)

a.    As Paul had already appealed to Caesar was this audience with Agrippa

 for Paul’s sake or Festus’? (Acts 25:24-27) ____________________
b. Why does Paul say he is happy to answer Agrippa about the accusations

the Jews have charged him? _____________________________________    
c.  Where does Paul begin his defense? ____________________________ 
d. Does Paul attest that from his earliest days the Jews in Jerusalem knew

him? ______________________________________________________
e. How does Paul describe his relationship with the Jews and how did he serve

their interests?  _________________________________________
f. Does Paul blame the Jews for his actions? _______________________
g. In verses 6-8 what does Paul say is the underlying reason the Jews accuse

him? _________________________________________________

II.    Conversion (vs. 12-18)

a.  As Paul recounts his Damascus road experience does he omit any details?

b.     Who commissioned Paul to go to Damascus? ________________________ 
c.     Who does the Lord tell ‘Saul’ he is persecuting? _______________________
d.     In verses 17-18 we see the Lord commissioning Paul to do what? ____

III.    Post-Conversion (vs. 19-23)

a.     What was Paul’s response to the heavenly vision? _________________
b.     In what order (locations / peoples) does Paul preach Christ? _________
c.     What was the content of his message? __________________________
d.     How does verse 23 compare to Isaiah 49:6? ____________________

IV. Application:  How is Paul’s defense an example of what Peter states

in 1 Peter 3:15? _______________________________________________ _______

Can we do these very same things? ____________________________________



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