OFFENSES WILL COME Luke 17:1-4 (11/15/18)

                                                   Offenses Will Come
Luke 17: 1-4

I.    Offenses (vs. 1-2)

a. The word “offenses” is the Greek word (skandalon) and is the word for a trap or snare.

In this passage does it seem the “trapper” is doing his own bidding or for someone else?

b. Jesus states that it is impossible that no offenses should come…what does that mean for us? ______________________________________ ______________________________________
c. Does the person involved in putting a stumbling block before others to trip them up get a

pass for their part?  ____________________________________________________________
d. The word “woe” Greek (ouai) a warning of judgment or doom for those who cause offenses.  

What here is described a preferable punishment to what they will receive? _________________

e. Matthew 18:1-10 is a parallel passage that expands our insight into these verses. Who is in

view as under the Lord’s protection? _______________________________________________
f. Does this passage mean that the Lord will never allow anything bad to happen to His children? _____________________________________________________________________________
g. How does Roman’s 12:19 help us give place to wrath and not take matters into our own hands

or even keep track of the wrongs? _________________________________________________

II.    Take Heed to Yourselves (vs. 3-4)

a. Why does Jesus exhort His followers to “take heed to yourselves?” Isn’t it easier to take heed

to others and what they are doing? ________________________________________________
b. What are we to do if our brother sins (against us)?  _________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________  
c. What precedes forgiveness in this text? ___________________________________________
d. What is the limit on the number of times you must forgive if they repent?  _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
e. Is this exhortation easy to do? __________________________________________________

III.    Application:  When you are attacked it is easy to forget that people are not the enemy…

but pawns used by the enemy.  How do Jesus words in Luke 6:28 help guide our actions? ______________________________________________________________________________


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