New Wine ~ Luke 5:27-39 * May 11, 2017

Luke 5:27-39

I.    Jesus Calls Levi (Matthew)   (vs. 27-32)
a. Still in the region of Galilee Jesus calls His next disciple…who is he? ___ _____________________________________________________________________________
b. What is his profession? ___________________________________________________
c. The tax man has never been an esteemed profession but it was usually profitable…

What does he do when Jesus tells him to follow Him? ___________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________
d. How do you know Levi (Matthew) was profoundly affected by Jesus invitation? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________
e. How do the Pharisees and their scribes respond to Jesus and His disciples eating

and drinking with tax collectors? _______________________________________________
f. How does Jesus answer the challenge of the Pharisees? _________________________
g. Did the Pharisees need Jesus any less than the tax collectors? _________________ 

II.    New Wine Old Wineskins (vs. 33-39)
a. Now that they have begun expressing their problems with Jesus and His disciples

what other problem do they mention? _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________
b. Jesus quite often answers questions in His most prevalent teaching method…the

parable (or story).  Why does He state his disciples were not fasting yet? ___________________________________________________________________________________
c. What prophetic warning does Jesus finish with regarding His disciples fasting? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 
d. Jesus speaks two parables with the same meaning.  What are the two parables

He speaks? _______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

e. What happens if you put a new patch on an old garment? ________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
f. What happens if you put new wine in old wine skins? __________________________
g. What is the spiritual application for what Jesus is describing? ________________
h. Are believers old garments / old wineskins or new? _____________________________
i.    What is the Holy Spirit and the new Life in Christ in these parables? ____________________________________________________________________________________

III.    Application:  Why must we understand these parables in the context of “you

must be born again?” _______________________________________________________________

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