Acts 9:31--43


I.                Aeneas (vs. 31-35)

a. Looking back at the events leading up to vs. 31 what can we see contributed significantly to the peace and growth of the church? _______­­­ ___________________________________________________________

b. How does verse 32 connect with Acts 1:8? ______________________ ___________________________________________________________ 

c. What group was Peter specifically going to in Lyyda? _____________


d. What was wrong with Aeneas? _______________________________


e. Did Peter specifically go there to heal him or does it seem a spontaneous act when he found him? ____________________________ __________________________________________________________

f. Who do you think was responsible for deciding Aeneas needed healing Peter or Someone else? _______________________________________


g. Is it significant what words Peter spoke in seeing the man healed? ___ __________________________________________________________

h. What was the result in Lydda when the man’s healing was known? __



II.              Tabitha (Dorcas) (vs. 36-43)

a. What happened that Peter left Lydda? _________________________ __________________________________________________________

b. Why was Peter summoned? _________________________________


c. How was Tabitha described and what were her other positive contributions? ______________________________________________


d. What were the people’s expectations? _________________________ __________________________________________________________

e. What did Peter do and say? __________________________________


f. What do you think happened to the mourners when Tabitha was presented alive? _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

g. What happened in Joppa as a result of this miracle? ______________­­



III.      Application:   The miracles were not ends but means to a greater purpose.   What was the greater purpose and was it effective? _________________________



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