Pastor's Sunday School Class

Operating in the Realm of Faith ~ Romans 14:14-23


Romans 14:14-23

I.  LOOK OUT FOR OTHERS (vs. 14-17)

a. What does Paul mean that nothing is unclean of itself? ____________
b. What makes something unclean? _____________________________ __________________________________________________________
c. What does Paul prescribe if someone is grieved by your food? _____ 
d. How can you destroy someone else with your food? _____________ _________________________________________________________
e. How does Paul describe the kingdom of God? __________________

II. MAKE FOR PEACE  (vs. 18-20)

a. Is it possible to be acceptable to God and approved of men? _________ ___________________________________________________________ 
b. What does Paul tell us to aim for in our conduct? _________________ __________________________________________________________ 
c. How does one eat with offense and what is the result? ___________________


a. What connection do you see in vs 21 and 1 Corinthians 10:20-24? _
b. Paul echoes an earlier statement in verse 22 that reflects part of verse 5.  
What idea is he getting across? _________________________________
c. Just because you are fully convinced and free, does that mean you can 
do as you please? ___________________________________________
d. Why must we operate from a standpoint of faith? ________________

IV. Application:  To properly understand Paul’s instructions about food

being a stumbling block it is important to know that he is likely referring

to food offered to idols as in 1 Corinthians 10.  The person who was mature

and understood idols were nothing could eat with a clear conscience but

those who were in doubt were convicted.  To what modern day example

can you relate this? _______________ ___________________________