Pastor's Sunday School Class

Believe and Confess ~ Romans 10:1-13

Romans 10:1-13


a. Is there any question about what Paul desires? __________________ _________________________________________________________
b. How does Israel manifest her zeal for God? ____________________ __________________________________________________________
c. Why is it a vain hope to rely on our own righteousness? ___________ 
d. What does Paul mean in verse 4 “that Christ is the end of the law for

righteousness?” _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________(Matt 5:17)

II. YOU WILL BE SAVED  (vs. 5-10)

a. What did Moses mean about the law, “the man who does those things

will live by them?”  _________________________________________ 
b. Where does the righteousness of faith declare that the “word” is? ___

___________________ ______________________________________ 
c. Confess is the Greek word “homologeo” and it means to declare the same 
thing.  How is verse 9 similar to Philippians 2:9-11? _____________________
d. How can you know for sure from verse 10 that the sinner’s prayer is not

just magic words securing salvation? _____________________________________
e.  What two things does the scripture state are necessary for salvation? ____________________________________________________________

III. CALL (vs. 11-13)

a. Is there a similarity between verse 11-12 and Rom 1:16? _________
b. Why does God require us to call on Him? ______________________
c. What is the promise for all those who in faith call on the name of the 
Lord? ____________________________________________________
_________________________________________________(Acts 4:12)
IV. Application:  How do we know that salvation is more than just

believing things about Jesus? __________________________________
_____________________________________________________(James 2:19)