Pastor's Sunday School Class

Christ Died for Us - Romans 5:1-21 * 3-4-18



Romans 5:1-21


I.  PEACE WITH GOD (vs. 1-5)


a. What enables us to have peace with God? ______________________

b. What connection do you see in the following words: peace, access, faith, grace, and hope? ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________

c. Why should we not despair in tribulation? _____________________


d. Why does hope not disappoint? _____________________________ _________________________________________________________




a. Why did Jesus come about 2000 years ago and not today? _________ _________________________________________________________

b. How does verse 8 build on the idea presented in verse 7? _________ __________________________________________________________

c. By what are you justified? ________________________________________

d. We were reconciled to God by Christ’ death… how are we saved? ________


III. ADAM AND CHRIST (vs. 12-21)


a. What happened in Adam that has affected all humanity? \_________


b. Was there sin prior to the giving of the law? ____________________


c. How was Jesus gift unlike Adam’s offense? ____________________


d. Does this passage say everyone is saved because of Jesus gift or is

there a response necessary? ___________________________________


IV. Application:  Paul makes the case that there are two that every person is related to:  Adam or Jesus.  All humanity is naturally related to Adam.  Many become supernaturally related to Christ.  How is it that where sin abounds grace all the more abounds? _______________________________________________