Lying to the Holy Spirit ~ Acts 5:1-11


Acts 5:1-11


I.               A Show of Generosity (vs. 1-2)

a. Immediately preceding Ananias’ and Sapphira’s offering…“Joses     who was also named Barnabas by the apostles (which means son of encouragement) having land sold it and brought the money to the    apostles and laid it at their feet.  What about this may these two have wanted? ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

b. Was the sin that they had kept back part of the sale of their own possession or something more? ________________________________ __________________________________________________________

c. Where did the sin start and who was complicit in it? ______________



II.              Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out (vs. 3-11)

a. How long does it take for Peter to confront Ananias? _____________ __________________________________________________________

b. Whose hand does Peter see at work in this deceit? ________________ 

c. Who does Peter state that Ananias had lied to? ___________________


d. What did Peter mean that the possession was Ananias’ when he owned it an under his control after he sold it? _____________________________________  ________________________________________________________________

e. How do you think Peter knew so much about what was going on with this?


f. What happened to Ananias? _______________________________________


g. Why do you think the penalty was immediate and this severe? ____________ ________________________________________________________________

h. Ananias is carried out and buried without the usual mourning etc why?  


i.  Sapphira is proven complicit with Ananias.  How does she find out her    husband is dead? __________________________________________________

j. Does Peter know what will happen to Sapphira? ________________________


k. What was the result in the church and community when word of Ananias and Sapphira demise was known? _________________________________________


l. Is this kind of ‘fear’ a healthy thing for the Church? _____________________



III. Application:  Are people too casual, careless, or even willfully belligerent  in their attitudes and actions toward God? ______________________________

What caution can we take away from this lesson? ________________________


  October 2020