Let Another Take His Office ~ Acts 1:12-26

Acts 1:12-26

I.  In Prayer (vs. 12-15)
a. Why do the disciples return to Jerusalem? _____________________ _________________________________________________________
b. While they wait how do the disciples spend their time? ___________ __________________________________________________________
c. Who was gathered with the eleven at this point? _________________ 
d. Why were they sequestered in this room and how is their gathering

favorably described? _________________________________________  __________________________________________________________ 

II. Apostolic Vacancy (vs. 15-21)
a. Peter stands and reflects on Judas.  Why does he state Judas had to

do what he did? _______________________________________________ 
b. Although not aware of Judas’ role during their time with Jesus is it clear

to them now why he was capable of what he did? ____________________ __________________________________________________________ 
c. Verses 18-19 appear in parentheses, highlighting additional details about

Judas.  Do the Gospels support this information? (Mt 27:3-10, Mt 18:7, 26:24,

Mk 14:21, 26:14-15, Lk 22:22, Jn 17:12) _____________________________

d. Verse 20 is a quote from Psalm 69:25 and 109:8 in any of these is the

expression favorable for Judas? _______________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
e. In establishing these actions and Scriptures what is the intended outcome? ___
III. Judas’ Replacement (vs. 21-26)
a. What requirements are stated in verse 21-22 for Judas replacement? 
b. Why does Peter state one of these MUST become a witness with us? 
c. What two names were presented for consideration and how did they 
decide between them? ______________________________________
d. What role did prayer play in this process? _____________________
e. How is this process different from the choosing of deacons in Acts 
6:1-7 and why? ____________________________________________
IV. Application:  How should we as Christians appoint people to ministry

roles today? ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 

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