Kindle A Fire ~ Jeremiah 17:1-27

I.  You Have Kindled…  (vs. 1-4)

a. How are the sins of Judah inscribed? (see also Job 19:23-24)

b. How prevalent was the idolatry that even the children remember?

c. What pronouncement in verse 3 echoes Isaiah 39:3-7?

d. Who has kindled the fire of judgment in verse 4?

II.  Cursed is the Man / Blessed is the Man (vs. 5-18)

a. The Lord draws a contrast in this passage between those who trust man and those who trust Him.  Which one is cursed? 

b. What clues may be pointing to King Zedekiah in vs. 5-6 (see also 2 Chronicles 36:11-13, 2 Kings 24:18-20, 25:6-7?

c. What man is blessed and how?

d. How does God describe the heart of man?

e. Where must God’s people place their steadfast trust? Why?

f. Summarize Jeremiah’s prayer in verses 14-18 in one sentence.        

III.  Hallow the Sabbath Day (vs. 19-27)

a. Why would the Lord have Jeremiah post himself at the gates to proclaim God’s word?

b. What simple message was he to proclaim?

c. If they could show reverence for God’s commands by keeping the Sabbath what would the Lord do?

d. If they would not “hallow the Sabbath day” what would God do?

e. What similarity and what difference do you see between vs. 27 and vs. 4?

IV. Application:  What things must we inscribe on our children’s hearts with an iron pen?

  August 2020  
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