Judaizers Trouble the Church ~ Acts 15:1-29 (June 25, 2017)

Judaizers Trouble the Church
Acts 15: 1-29

I.    The Judaizers Come Down from Judea  (vs. 1-2)
a. Did the certain Jews that came down from Judea believe in Jesus? ____ ____________________________________________________________

b. What was wrong with their theological position? __________________ ________________________________________________ ___________
c.  Who disputed their position and on what basis? ___________________
d.  When they could not come to an agreement what do they determine they

should do? ________________________ ____________________

II.    The Jerusalem Concil (vs. 3-21)
a. Was it significant that not only Paul and Barnabas go up to the Apostles

and elders? _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 
b. As they went up to Jerusalem were they silent about what God had done?

______________ How was this word received? _______________ ___________________________________________________________
c. Did the Judaizers who had come to Antioch have a voice in Jerusalem? __________________________________________________________
d. Which of the Apostles weighs in on the discussion with personal experience? _________________________________________________
e. What one word in verse 11 is a unifying word? __________________
f. What is James’ closing argument after listening to all sides? _________

III.    The Council’s Decree (vs. 22-29)
a. Once the council was in agreement what was the mood of the whole church?  ____________________________________________________
b. Why did the Apostles send others back with the Antioch delegation? __ ___________________________________________________________
c. Did the council accept some responsibility for upsetting the church in Antioch?

______________________________ _____________________
d. What did they exhort the Gentile believers to do? ________________ 
e. Was the decision solely that of the council or do they recognize a more

important authority in the decision? _____________________________ 

IV. Application:  How does the test of “grace” still hold believers in unity

but divisive diversions away from grace bring strife and disunity? _____________

____ ____________________________________________________ _________

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