Joshua Renews the Covenant (Joshua 8:30-35) 12/19/19

Joshua Renews the Covenant

Joshua 8:30-35

I. The Alter (vs. 30-31)

     a. What had Israel experienced that likely led Joshua to make an alter to the Lord at this time? ___________________


     b. Where does Joshua construct the alter? _____________________________________________________________

     Why is this place significant? _______________________(Gen 12:6-8)

     c. What was the alter to be constructed from and how does Joshua know? ___________________________________

     d. What was offered on the alter? ____________________________________________________________________

II. Joshua Copies the Law on the Stones (vs. 32-33)

     a. Joshua wrote the law on the stones. Why would he do this? _____________________________________________

     b. Who would be held accountable to this law? __________________________________________________________

     c. This alter / monument to the Lord would be a landmark establishing Who was the God of this land and how people

     should live. Why was it good that it be written down again? _______________________________________________

     d. What is happening in verse 33? ____________________________________________________________________

III. The Reading of the Law (vs. 34-35)

     a. After blessing the people what does Joshua do? _______________________________________________________

     b. In what ways has God now established His law to His people? ____________________________________________

     c. What does verse 34 have in common with Acts 20:27? __________________________________________________

     d. Who among the people could truthfully claim they didn’t know what the law was? ____________________________


     e. Were any in the cam exempted from hearing the law? __________________________________________________


IV. Application: Having been in the land of promise for a relatively short time Israel experienced some pretty big

victories and some devastating failures. In this passage we see the written word, an offering, a blessing and the spoken

word. What was it that Israel experienced here? _____________________________________ Where do we experience a

similar activity? __________________________________________________________________________

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