Joshua Renews the Covenant at Shechem (Joshua 24: 1-33)

Joshua Renews the Covenant at Shechem

Joshua 24:1-33

I. Joshua Gathered All the Tribes of Israel (vs. 1-13)

     a. Who does Joshua call together in verse 1? __________________________________________________________________________

     b. As Joshua begins talking with the people where does he begin in their history? _____________________________________________

     c. What aspects of Israel’s history does Joshua speak to specifically? _______________________________________________________

     d. In Israel’s history was God’s personal involvement up for discussion? _____________________________________________________

II. You are Witnesses Against Yourselves… (vs. 14-28)

     a. What is the point of verse 14 and which of the 10 commandments does it emphasize? ________________________________________

     b. What is the exhortation in verse 15 and what is Joshua’s testimony? ______________________________________________________


     c. In what verses between 14 and 28 do the people promise to love, follow, and serve the Lord? _________________________________


     d. What is Joshua telling the people in verse 19? ________________________________________________________________________

     e. Why is it imperative to read verse 20 with 19? ________________________________________________________________________

     f. What was the significance of the stone Joshua set up under the oak? ___________________________________________

III. Joshua Dies (vs. 29-33)

     a. What is declared about Joshua after he dies? _________________________________________________________________________

     b. How do we know the impact on Israel of Joshua’s leadership? ___________________________________________________________

     c. What bit of unfinished business is completed in verse 32? _______________________________________________________________

IV. Application: As believers do we need reminders about what God desires and expects from us as His followers? _____________________

Why? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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