Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem ~ Luke 13:31-35 (5-3-2018)

Luke 13:31-35

I.    The Third Day… (vs. 31-33)

a. Given the adversarial relationship the Pharisees had with Jesus do you

think their warning for Him to leave was out of real concern for Jesus

wellbeing? __________________________________________ _____

b. What was the nature of the Pharisees warning? _________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. Does Jesus reply indicate that He was afraid of Herod or in any other

way troubled by the threat to the point that He would do anything different?

________________________________________________ ___________

d. Base on Jesus own words what was He really describing, and do you think

the Pharisees understood? _______________________________
e. Jesus calling Herod a “fox” likely was a reference to his craftiness and as

he had already had John the Baptist killed He knew what Herod would do.  

Who controlled the timeline of Jesus death in Jerusalem? _____________

II.    O Jerusalem, Jerusalem… (vs. 34-35)

a.    What sentiment does Jesus emote as He speaks these words over Jerusalem? ______________________________________________ ____________________

b.  Jesus recognized the lengths to which the Jews went to ignore God’s message…

what had they done to not listen to God’s word? _________ ___________________

c. What example of tender love does Jesus use to express His desire to care for and

nurture the people of Jerusalem? ____________________ ____________________

d. Does Jesus willingness to “gather Jerusalem as a hen gather her chicks” overrule

their unwillingness? __________________________________________________
e. Is God’s sovereignty in any way diminished by their obstinance? ______________
f. What does Jesus mean that “your house is left to you desolate?” ______________
g. When will “they” see Jesus again? _____________________________________

III.    Application:  Even as Jesus every step led Him toward the cross, Who was in

absolute control of every detail that it be accomplished as foretold? ______________  __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


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