Jesus Enters Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-40) Jan 31, 2019

                                                  Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Luke 19:28-40

            I. Preparations to Enter Jerusalem (vs. 28-31)

a. Does Jesus go to and enter Jerusalem directly? _______________________________

b. How do the prophecies (Zechariah 9:9) concerning the Messiah foretell Jesus actions? ________________________________________________________________________


c. What does Jesus instruct the 2 disciples to do? ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

d. Is Jesus specific about what they would find and where? ________________________


e. Jesus even instructs the disciples what to say if they were questioned while taking the

donkey / colt. Why? _______________________________________________________



II. Following Directions (vs. 32-35)

a. Thus instructed what do the two disciples do? ________________________________

b. Is it as described by Jesus? _______________________________________________

c. Are the disciples questioned as they attempt to take the donkey / colt? ________________________________________________________________________

d. Why was it imperative that all these details be the way they were? ________________________________________________________________________

e. What final preparation do the disciples make before Jesus enters Jerusalem? ________________________________________________________________________


            III. Jerusalem Receives Her King (vs. 35-40)

  a. What do the people do as Jesus begins His descent from the mount of Olives? 


  b. On the mount of Olives do you think the people were from Jerusalem or possibly the

  multitude that traveled with Jesus? _____________________________________________

  c. What was it that the people proclaimed as Jesus began to enter Jerusalem? __________


  d. Psalm 118:22-26 (25-26) are in view and contain the exaltation of the people…can there

   be any doubt this points to the Messiah? ________________________________________


  e. How do the Pharisees respond to this celebration?_______________________________


  f. What is Jesus rebuke to the Pharisees? _________________________________________


            IV. Application: As long as there are believers to worship the Lord we must do it! What

           does it say about the Creator that He could cause the rocks to cry out? What will ________________


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