Jerusalem Falls ~ Jeremiah 39:1-18

Jeremiah 39:1-18

I.    The Seige (vs. 1-3) 
a. How long was the siege of Jerusalem? ________________________
b. Is it easy to imagine the dire predictions from Jeremiah 19:9 and the

observations of Lamentations 4:10 taking place during this siege? ____ _________________________________________________________
c. Why did Nebuchadnezzar besiege Jerusalem? (see 2 Chronicles 36:11-17…) __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________  
d. What in verses 2-3 validated Jeremiah as a true prophet of God and

all the others who prophesied good as false prophets? _____________ 
II.    Zedekiah Tries to Escape (vs. 4-10)
a. What did Zedekiah and his men of war do when the city fell? ______ __________________________________________________________ 
b. The distance from Jerusalem to the plains of Jericho would have been

15-25 miles.  Was Zedekiah successful? _________________________ 
c. How was verse 5 a fulfillment to Jeremiah 32:3-5? ______________ _________________________________________________________
d. What promise in Jer. 38:17 did Zedekiah forfeit by his rebellion and

what was the result? ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
e. What was the final disposition of all the people left in Jerusalem when

it fell? ____________________________________________________

III.    Jeremiah’s Capture and Release (vs. 11-18)
a. Who had given instruction concerning Jeremiah at Jerusalem’s capture? __________________________________________________________
b. How would Nebuchadnezzar have knowledge of Jeremiah (see. Jer. 38:19)? ___________________________________________________________
c. What was Jeremiah permitted to do instead of going into captivity? _ ___________________________________________________________
d. Was God done speaking through Jeremiah or was there still work to do? _____________________________________________________
e. How did God remember Ebed-Melech for his kindness to Jeremiah and

his trust in the Lord? _________________________________________ 

IV.    Application:  How was the OT theme of ‘blessings and curses I set

before you’ displayed in this passage? ______________________________
_________________________________________ What determined whether

a blessing or a curse was received? _________________________________


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