Israel's Victories Under Moses and Joshua (Joshua 12: 1-24) 1/30/20

Israel’s Victories Under Moses and Joshua

Joshua 12:1-24

I. Moses: East of the Jordan (vs. 1-8)

    a. What was the scope of the land conquered by Moses and the Israelites?_________________________________

    b. Moses and Israel defeated what two kings? __________________________________________________________

    c. What does the scriptures reveal about the battle with Sihon (Numbers 21:24, Deuteronomy 2:24-27)? _________


    d. King Og was also defeated by Israel under Moses leadership. What do we know about Og (Numbers 21:33, and

     Deuteronomy 3:4-11)? __________________________________________________________________________

    e. Who does Moses give their conquered lands to? ______________________________________________________


II. Joshua: West of the Jordan (vs. 9-24)

    a. The conquest presented in verses 9-24 occur under Joshua’s leadership. How does Deuteronomy 7:16-24 explain

    how the conquest was to occur and why? ___________________________________________________________

    b. The historical narrative in Joshua shows that Israel attacked Jericho and Ai but afterward how did most of the

    rest of the conquest unfold? ______________________________________________________________________

    c. In all how many kings did Israel kill under Joshua’s leadership? __________________________________________


III. The Summary

     a. To this point was Joshua careful to follow the Lord’s instructions? _____________________________________


     b. There were places / things that were dedicated to destruction / the Lord’s use (Joshua 6:24) but what about the

     rest of the plunder? ____________________________________________________________________________

     c. All the lands west of the Jordan would ultimately be divided to whom? _________________________________


IV. Application: When we seek to follow the Lord’s will for our lives how do faith, obedience, repentance,

persistence, and grace work in us? ___________________________________________________________________

Did these all work in Joshua and Israel too? ____________________________________________________________

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