Ishmael's Treachery ~ Jeremiah 41:1-18

Jeremiah 41:1-18

I.    Gedaliah Entertains Guests (vs. 1-3) 
a. In spite of Johanan’s warning in Ch. 40 who does Gedaliah host for dinner? __________________________________________________
b. Was Ishmael alone and how does this become significant? ________ _________________________________________________________
c. What did Ishmael and company do? _________________________ _________________________________________________________  
d. Were Ishmael and his men warriors? _________________________ 
II.    Ishmael’s Rampage Continues (vs. 4-10)
a. Did Ishmael and company immediately flee after assassinating Gedaliah

and how long did it take for the deed to be known? _________________  __________________________________________________________ 
b. The eighty men came exhibiting outward signs of grief and mourning

likely due t the destruction of Jerusalem.  What did Ishmael do to them? _________________________________________________________ 
c. Was Ishmael’s attack for principle or are there indications he had other

motives? _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. What does Ishmael do with the remaining people / stuff? _________ ________________________________________________________
e. Where did Ishmael flee to and why? (Jer. 40:14) _______________ _________________________________________________________

III.    Johanan Intervenes (vs. 11-18)
a. What did Johanan do in response to Ishmael’s treachery? _________ _________________________________________________________
b. Was Johanan successful? ____________________________________ _________________________________________________________
c. How did the captive remnant of Judah respond to Johanan’s arrival? _ __________________________________________________________
d. What new fear factor now burdens the hearts and minds of the remnant

from Judah? ________________________________________________ 

IV.    Application:  Gedaliah’s ignoring of Johanan’s warning cost him and

others dearly.  Was Johana’s response righteous? ______________________
How should we respond to those who have ignored our warnings and suffer

the consequences of their decisions? ________________________________


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