In The Name Of Jesus - Acts 3: 1-26


Acts 3:1-26


I.  A Certain Lame Man… (vs. 1-10)

a. Peter and John were heading to the temple for prayer. There were three times of daily prayers at the temple: the 3rd hour – 9:00 AM, the 6th hour –was 12:00 noon, and the 9th hour was? __________ How does this reflect Psalm 55:17 and King David’s prayer times? ______________________


b. Do you think it would have been uncommon to see lame beggars    asking for money outside the temple? ____________________________

c. What was asked and what was given in this account? _____________


d. Aside from saying the words did Peter do anything else? __________  __________________________________________________________

e. What was the man’s response and what were all the people’s response? __________________________________________________


II. An Opportunity for the Gospel (vs. 11-18)

a. Now standing in Solomon’s porch (a portico on the East side of the temple courtyard) and surrounded by amazed people what does Peter do?  ___________________________________________________________

b. What misperceptions does Peter clear up right away? ______________ ___________________________________________________________

c. Who does Peter point to and how does he use this opportunity? ______


d. Is the message substantially different from the one he preached in Acts 2? ___  _________________________________________________________________


III. The Gospel Requires a Response (vs. 19-26)

a. Having preached, how does Peter tell the people they need to respond?


b. From salvation Peter now explains the rest of the story…what does he tell them is still yet to come? ___________________________________


c. What warning does Peter include in his sermon? __________________ ___________________________________________________________

d. How effective was Peter at connecting to his Jewish audience through their heritage? _______________________________________________


e. What reason does Peter proclaim to the people that God sent Jesus to fulfill in verse 26?  ___________________________________________



IV. Application:  What part does repentance play in conversion? ___________


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