In Jerusalem - Acts 21:15-25 * Sun. 10-1-17

In Jerusalem

Acts 21: 15-25


I.                Arrival (vs. 15-17)

a. In Caesarea Paul had received one final warning from Agabus but how do we know he entertained no other delays? ___________________________________________________________________________

b. Who accompanies Paul to Jerusalem?  ____________________________________________________


c.  What role was Mnason to play in this part of the story? _________________________________________


d. Mnason is introduced as an “early disciple” where and under what circumstances were early disciples added to the church? ___________________________________________________________________________


e. Where was Mnason’s house where Paul and company were to reside? _________________________________________________________________________________


II.              Meeting With The Elders (vs. 18-20a)

a.  Does Paul waste any time in going to meet with James (half-brother of Jesus and leader of the church in Jerusalem) and the elders of the church? ____________________________________________________

b. What kind of reception do they receive from the brethren? ______________________________________


c. What does Paul tell the church leaders after he greets them? _____________________________________


d.  Is Paul’s report any different than what he had reported back to the church at Antioch (Acts 14:26-27)? _________________________________________________________________________________


e. What was the church’s response to the report? ______________________________________________


III.            The Plan… (vs. 20b-25)

a.  What do the elders of the church at Jerusalem warn Paul in verse 20-21? _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

b. Who would have done the “informing” on Paul and for what purpose? _________________________________________________________________________________

c. What was reported about Paul? _________________________________________________________


d. Did Paul in any way invalidate the law or customs of the Jews while on mission? _______________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

e. What plan does the council advise Paul and what is the intended purpose? ___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________


IV. Application:  Does this passage exemplify Rom 12:18? _______  How can we do this in our life? _________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

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