Herod Persecutes The Church - Acts 12:1-24


Acts 12:1-24


I.                The Face of Persecution (vs. 1-4)

a. After a time of relative peace (Acts 9:31 – 12:1) Herod begin a persecution of the church…what does he do?


b. Why would Herod (Agrippa I) want to please the Jews? __________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________  (John 19:12)

c.  How do we know that Herod intended to keep Peter securely in prison?


d. What was Herod’s plan for Peter? _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________


II.              Peter’s Incarceration and Release (vs. 5-19)

a. James murdered and Peter imprisoned what is the church doing? ________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

b. What happen the night before Herod planned to bring Peter before the people? ______________________________________________________________________________________


c. How many details are listed instructing Peter how to get dressed…why do you think the angel needed to tell                               Peter to do each of these things? _____________________________________________________________


d. What miracles are recorded accompanying Peter’s release? ______________________________________


e. How do you know that Peter was not at all certain that this was real but came to understand it was?                                               (vs. 10-11) _______________________________________________________________________________

f. Where does Peter go? ____________________________________________________________________

g. Does Peter receive an immediate and warm reception? __________________________________________


h. We have two ‘James’ mentioned in this chapter the first was Peter’s former fishing partner and John’s brother                                the James mentioned in vs. 17 is who? _________________________________________________________

i. When Herod could not find Peter what did he do with the guards? ___________________________________



III. Herod’s Demise (vs. 20-24)

a. What becomes of Herod Agrippa I? __________________________________________________________

b. Why does it seem Luke includes his gristly death? _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

c. How would even this seemingly disconnected death help the word of God grow and be multiplied? _________________________________________________________________________________________


IV. Application:  When the church is moved to pray urgently and specifically…how do we know when to stop? _______________________________________________________________________________________________


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