Gad, Reuben and the Half Tribe of Manasseh Released (Joshua 11:1-9)

Gad, Reuben and the Half Tribe of Manasseh Released

Joshua 22:1-9

I. You Have Kept the Commands (vs. 1-3)

     a. Why were these 2 ½ tribes bound to the cause of all Israel? _____________________________________________________________

     b. To whom did these tribes prove their obedience? ______________________________________________________________________

     c. How fully had they committed themselves to their service? ____________________________________________ (See also Joshua 4:12)

     d. Does verse 3 seem to indicate a sincere allegiance to all the tribes of Israel in their obedience to God? ____________________________


II. Return…to the Land of Your Possession (vs. 4-5)

     a. What completed the need for these 2 ½ tribes assistance to the other tribes? ________________________________________________

     b. When was their inheritance divided and given to them and by whom was this accomplished? ____________________________________


     c. What is the only exhortation Joshua gives to these tribes as they are released to go home? _____________________________________


III. Blessed and Send Home (vs. 6-9)

     a. The fact that Joshua blessed them and sent them home reveals what about his view of their service? ______________________________


     b. Was Joshua’s / God’s blessing merely verbal? ___________________________________________________________________________

    c. How were these 2 ½ tribes blessed with riches of livestock, gold, bronze, iron, and much clothing? ________________________________


     d. Were the spoils of war to be hoarded individually? _______________________________________________________________________

     e. At his time in Israel’s history the Tent of Meeting (where the Ark of the Covenant was kept) was at Shiloh…why is it fitting that this parting

     take place there? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

IV. Application: Did God provide what the Children of Israel needed to survive and thrive in the land He had given them? __________________

__________________________________________________________________________Does God give us what we need to survive and thrive

where we are today? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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