Felix Hears Paul's Case ~ Acts 24:1-27 (11-5-17)

Acts 24:1-27

I.    The Prosecution (vs. 1-9)
a.    How long is Paul in Caesarea before Ananias and the elders come down

to plead their case against Paul? ________________________________ 
b. What “ringer” have they brought along to be their spokesman? ______    __________________________________________________________
c.  How does Tertullus begin his accusation against Paul?  ___________  ___________________________________________________________ 
d. When he finally gets to it, what is the charge against Paul? __________
__________ _________________________________________________
e. How does he describe Lysias’ (the Roman commander) action of rescuing Paul

from the mob? ___________________________________
f. Did all the accusing Jews agree with what Tertullus said? ___________

II.    The Defense (vs. 10-21)
a.  Who speaks for Paul? _____________________________________ 
b.    Does Paul waste a lot of time with platitudes or does he just get to the point? ____________________________________________________ 
c.    Is Paul accurate in describing his actions, time-line, and beliefs to Felix?  _________________________________________________________
d.    Paul states he worships God according to “the Way” but also states it is in full

compliance with what Scripture? __________________________ 

III.    The Continuance (vs. 22-27)
a.  Is Felix familiar with “the Way?” ____________________________ __________________________________________________________
b. Does Felix immediately render a decision in Paul’s case? ___________ 
c. Paul’s second appearance before Felix includes who? ______________

d. Why would Felix include Drusilla in his meeting with Paul? ________ ___________________________________________________________
e.How does his second meeting conclude and what happens to Paul and why? ______________________________________________________

IV. Application:  At any point in his trial was Paul seeking to appease the Jews

by changing his story? ______________ What does Paul do during his second

meeting with Felix? ________________________________
Was Paul successful in his endeavor? ___________________________



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