False Prophets ~ Jeremiah 23:21-40


I.       I Have Not Sent These Prophets… (vs. 21-24)

a. What can we determine about these “prophets” from verse 21?

b. What is the contrast between the words “sent” and “ran?”

           c. What does the Lord state would have been the effect if these “prophets” ha truly spoken God’s word?

           d. What is the reminder to God’s people in verses 23-24?

           e. “Can anyone hide himself in secret places…” what were the people


II.      I Have Heard… (vs. 25-29)

a. What does God call what the “prophets” have said?

b. What were the “prophets” using as the source of their “prophecy?

c. Where does the Lord state their “prophecies” are coming from?

d. What example does God use to contrast the “dreams” from “His Word?”

III.   The Prophets who Steal My Words… (vs. 30-40)

a. If it were not bad enough that the false prophets were spreading false information what was their bigger crime? (vs. 30)

b. For what three things that the false prophets were doing does the Lord state He was against them?

c. The false prophets and priests who were asking Jeremiah for the “oracle of the Lord” …were they seriously interested?

d. “Oracle” in Hebrew could be rendered ‘burden’ in a play on words the Lord states that these false prophets were the burden.  What does He mean?

e. What judgment does God pronounce on those who have perverted His word?

IV.   Application:  Do people intentionally twist God’s word for self-serving purposes? What do we call these people today?

Is the Lord still against them?

  August 2020  
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