Acts 10:1--23


I.                Cornelius’ Vision (vs. 1-8)

a. What does this passage reveal about Cornelius? __________________ ___________________________________________________________


b. What surprise does Cornelius have in verse 3? ___________________ __________________________________________________________ 

c. What was his response to the vision of the angel? ________________


d. Why was the angel there? ___________________________________


e. What message did the angel have for Cornelius? _________________ __________________________________________________________

f. How specific in detail was the angel’s instructions? _______________


g. What did Cornelius do I response to the vision? __________________



II.              Peter’s Vision (vs. 9-16)

a. Did Peter have his vision the same day as Cornelius? _____________ __________________________________________________________

b. What time of the day does Peter have his vision? _________________

c. Being lunchtime is this just a normal hunger or is this an “enhanced” hunger? ___________________________________________________

d. What is Peter’s vision? _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________

e. Was this vision about food or something else? ___________________

f. What message did he Lord make sure Peter understood? ___________


g. Is there any significance in how many times the vision is repeated? __



III.            The Summons (vs. 17-23)

a. How close is the timing between Peter’s vision and Cornelius delegation showing up at Simon the tanner’s house? __________________________ ___________________________________________________________

b. How did Peter know to receive and go with these men? ____________


c. What commendation to the servants offer that validate the Spirit’s prompting? _________________________________________________


   Application:   Does God still move us to reach out to others that are different from us? __________________________________________________________

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