Big Changes (Zechariah 8: 1-23)


Zechariah 8:1-23

I. THE FUTURE OF ZION (vs. 1-10)

     a. How do verses 1-2 reveal a change in God’s perspective toward Judah? _______________________________

     b. When will the events of verses 3-8 begin to take place? ____________________________________________

     c. Do any of these details about the Millennial reign of Christ surprise you? _______________________________

     d. What recent event had put Judah back on track for these blessings from the Lord to prophetically be restored?

     (vs. 9-10) ___________________________________________________________________________________

II. DO NOT FEAR (vs. 11-19)

     a. How do you know in verses 11-19 that the Word of the Lord is again addressing the people of Zechariah’s day?


     b. What promise would have brought joy to Judah in verse 15? _________________________________________

     c. Do you see the completion of the temple (518 BC.) and the return of Nehemiah and Ezra and the rebuilding of

     Jerusalem’s wall (458 BC) as evidence of God fulfilling this promise of good? _______________________________


    d. The fasts that were being observed were: the day the Temple was destroyed (fifth month…2 Kings 25:8), the

    next was when Gedaliah was murdered (the seventh month…2 Kings 25:25), the day the wall around Jerusalem

    was breached (the fourth month…2 Kings 25:3), the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem (the tenth month…2 Kings

    25:1-2). Why would each of these times now be remembered with joy and celebrated with joyful feasts? ________


III. GOD IS WITH YOU (vs. 20-23)

     Verses 20-23 again shift to the future. Have we seen these verses being fulfilled (Acts 8:26-38) and are they

     complete? ____________________________________________________________________________________

IV. APPLICATION: What message does Isaiah 45:22 proclaim? __________________________________________

Is it a good summary of Zechariah 8? _________________________________________________________________


  October 2020