At Simon The Pharisees' House - Luke 7:36-50 * Thurs. 7-6-07


Luke 7:36-50

I.                A Surprise Guest at Simon the Pharisees House (vs. 36-38)

a. How does Jesus come to eat at the Pharisees’ house? ______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

b. Besides Jesus, who else shows up and what takes place? ___________________________________


c. Do you think it would be “normal” for a woman known to be a sinner to come into a Pharisees’ house? _____________________________________________________________________________

d. Why is she there? _______________________________________________________________


·   While similar to other Biblical events there is nothing to identify this woman as Mary Magdalene or Mary of Bethany…she remains nameless


II.              Simon the “Judge” (vs. 39)

a. Who does Simon judge first? __________________________________________________________ b. Does he judge anyone else? ___________________________________________________________

c. To Simon, who was the most righteous person in the room? ____________________________________



III.             A Teachable Moment (vs. 40-50)

a. As Simon spoke not a word of his thoughts aloud what do we know about Jesus as He converses with Simon about his thoughts? ________________________________________________________________


b. Does Simon accurately assess the essence of the parable? ___________________________________


c. To what does Jesus compare His parable? _______________________________________________


d. Who are the debtors respectively? ____________________________________________________


e. Why might Simon not have provided water for Jesus feet or “anointing oil” for His head?  ______________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________ f.  Was Jesus responding to the woman’s actions (weeping, washing, kissing, or wiping His feet with her hair) or something else when He forgives her sins?  _________________________________________________

g. It seems there may have been others there as well…how do they feel about Jesus forgiving her sins? ________________________________________________________________________________


h. What final declaration does Jesus pronounce for the woman and what does He see and reward? ________________________________________________________________________________


IV.   Application:  Who do we resemble more from today’s passage? The woman who worships and serves extravagantly? ________ or the Pharisee who judges everything harshly…and incorrectly? ___________________________________________________________________________________

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