At Iconium - Acts 14:1-7 * Sun. 5-28-17

At Iconium

Acts 14:1-7


I.                A Great Multitude…Believed (vs. 1)


a. What happened initially when Paul and Barnabas preached at the synagogue of Iconium? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________                                            b. Based on the pattern set at other places visited by Paul and Barnabas can we expect they                                       were invited to speak? _______________________________________________


c.  Why was the message so wonderfully effective at bringing people to faith? ________________________________________________________________


d. Do you think Paul viewed himself as a great preacher and teacher? _______________

_________________________________________________ (see 1 Corinthians 2:3)


II.              …Poisoned Their Minds… (vs. 2-7)


a. How long lived is this initial success? ______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

b. By what means did the unbelieving Jews poison the minds of the Gentiles and for what purpose? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

c. Does verse 3 seem odd in that the previous verse indicated that due to the Jews efforts Paul and                   Barnabas were no longer welcome… so…they stayed there a long time.  What reason would they stay? __________________________________________________________________


d. At what point do Paul and Barnabas decide they need to leave? ____________________


e. Fleeing Iconium under threat where do Paul and Barnabas go and are thy now laying low and                          keeping quiet?  ________________________________________________________



III. Application:  At what point are we allowed to just write people off that they will never be saved                                and just go looking for easier, kinder, more interested people to witness to? ______________________________________________________________________




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