At Ephesus ~ Acts 19:1-20 (27 Aug, 2017)

 At Ephesus
Acts 19: 1-20

I.    Disciples at Ephesus (vs. 1-7)
a.    What did Paul find in Ephesus? _______________________________ 
b. What was unusual about these “disciples?”  ______________________   ____________________________________________________________
c.  Having ascertained what these disciples “did know” what does Paul do next? _____________________________________________________
d. Did these disciples accept the Gospel as presented by Paul? ________
e. How do we know that they truly believed and were saved? _________
f. These like the believers in Acts 2 spoke in tongues and prophesied.  How can we be

certain this does not always accompany salvation? _______________________

II.    From the Synagogue to the School of Tyrannus (vs. 8-10)
a.  Where does Paul reason with the Jews for about three months? ____
b.    Were the Jews as open to the Gospel as the “disciples” he found in Ephesus? __________________________________________________
c.    When Paul leaves the synagogue where does he go? _______________ _________________________________________________________
d.     Is Paul in a hurry to leave Ephesus? ___________________________
e.    Ephesus was an important city that was strategically located on a Roman trade

route into Asia.  How do we know that it was strategic for Paul to be there also? (vs. 10) ____________________________________________________________

III.    Unusual Miracles (vs. 11-20)
a.  What was “unusual” about some of the miracles worked by Paul? ___________ __________________________________________________________
b. How do we know that invoking Jesus’ name only works if you really know Him? ___________________________________________________________
c. What were the indications that the Spirit was working in people’s hearts at this time? ________________________________________________

IV. Application:  Earlier Paul had been prevented from going into Asia but now Asia

receives the Gospel.  How? ______________________________________ ___________________________ Do we ever feel like if we don’t witness etc

it won’t get done? ____ Is this right? ____________________________________

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